Ley-Dat’s Car Care Tips

The following is a simple list of car care tips provided by Ley-Dat on maintaining your vehicle for maximum safety and efficiency.

  • Tyres: Check your tyre condition, pressure and tread depth regularly. Ensure that there are no slow punctures, bulges, that the depth is greater than 2mm, the pressure is maintained and that wear is constant over the entire width of the tyre.
  • Brakess: Check your brakes and brake fluid regularly. If your car pulls to one side when breaking, this is usually an indication that the brakes are worn and need replacing.
  • Lights: In terms of safety, light bulbs and alignment are vital. You should have spare bulbs for your vehicle, at least for your headlamps. Regularly check your headlights, indicators, side lights, brake lights and fog lamps for your own safety.
  • Windscreen: Make sure that your windscreen is free from cracks, these weaken the structure of your windscreen and increase the likelihood of further damage. As soon as you notice a crack in your windscreen, either get it replaced or repaired. Make sure that your screen wash never runs dry, this essential for a clear views, especially on long motorway journeys.
  • Oil: Oil is the blood of your engine, you should always use good quality engine oil and the correct amount for your engine. Old oil damages engines so maintaining a regular oil change through a regular service schedule will prolong the life of your engine. Always check your oil when your engine is cold, make sure that you use the correct type of good quality engine oil for your car.
  • Safety Checks: Your car should always be examined to make sure that safety equipment works effectively. This means checking the brakes, lights and steering as well as seat belts and anchor points, tyre wear and tread, ensuring that air bags are not restricted and that the horn works effectively. We all know that safety is of paramount concern in the modern world, when was the last time you carried out a safety check on your car? These should always be carried out at least a minimum of once every six months.

Ultimately, you need to look after your car with regular service intervals. In the long run, this will prolong the life of your car, add to the resale value of your car and save you money. Contact Ley-Dat if you think that your car should be serviced on 01452 731263.