Ley-Dat are stockists for the world’s greatest tyres, including Avon, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli and Toyo.

Tyres are your only point of contact with the road. As such they are your first line of defence and a critical element in the quality of your driving experience. That’s why it’s vital that you use the right tyres and keep them properly inflated and in good condition.

The law says that you must use the right type and size of tyres for the kind of vehicle you drive. It’s important to keep an eye on the depth of tread on your tyres. The absolute legal limit for minimum depth of the tread is 1.6 millimetres, across the central three-quarters of the tread, across the tyre’s circumference. In reality, it’s better to replace before you reach the two-millimetre mark and many vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing at three millimetres. The reasons for this can be painfully obvious – tyres with shallow depths increase your braking distance. At 50 miles an hour, a set of brand new tyres will bring you safely to halt around fifty feet earlier than a set of tyres with minimum legal tread depths.

There’s always the financial impact too – having tyres worn beyond the legal minimum limit can cost you three penalty points and £2,500 in fines (that’s for each tyre). And remember, it’s also illegal to fit tyres of different construction types (typically radial and cross-ply) to opposite sides of the same axle.


No matter what car or light commercial vehicle you drive, at Ley-Dat, we have the replacement exhaust for you. A failing exhaust isn’t just noisy – it’s dangerous. It can result in noxious fumes being drawn into the vehicle cabin. Prolonged exposure to exhaust fumes is dangerous as it can make drivers and passengers feel drowsy.

You don’t always need an appointment – just drive up for a great deal. We stock Arvin Timax exhausts. Timax are the UK market leader in replacement exhausts and its parent company Arvin Meritor is the eleventh largest automotive supplier in the world.

Timax exhausts make extensive use of aluminised steel in their silencer box components and pipework. This ensures resistance to corrosion and optimized service life. To complement the exhausts, the company also provides a comprehensive range of exhaust mountings and fittings tailored to every vehicle.

Arvin Timax exhausts meet European type approval standards – but not all replacement exhausts do. Without type approval it’s still possible to meet current UK noise legislation (72 dbA) but only at the expense of an increase in back pressure, the resistance to gas flow that, in effect, puts a brake on a car’s engine and leads to increased fuel consumption.

Type approval defines backpressure standards, so you can be assured that our exhausts are better for your car’s performance and your wallet! A healthy exhaust system is critical if you are to maintain the health and welfare of the vehicle occupants, a quiet, smooth-running engine and the best possible fuel efficiency.

Call in and see us for a free, no-obligation exhaust check.